Read this book with me, or else…

Roy Shukar, Understanding Popular Music, (Psychology Press, 2001).

This book covers most of what we’ve been talking about in class (check out the preview of the contents page), but it does so with regards to the music industry.  I think this would be interesting because we haven’t really talked about the music industry much so far.  Who wants to read this with me?!  -MAX


[Edit] There are two of us now.  We are growing in numbers.  The “or else…” is becoming more and more ominous with each breath you take. This book apparently talks about hegemony, cultural imperialism, globalization, and how new media influences and impacts the music industry.  C’mon!  Who doesn’t want to read about this?!!  Someone who has no potential of one day being the coolest cat in the whole world, that’s who.  So come, join us, and maybe you too could one day be the coolest cat on Earth!


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